What we do

We are a wholesale lumber company selling lumber and wood products, mill direct in truckload quantities. We specialize in treated posts and poles, selling directly to orchards, vineyards and hopyards into 24 states and Ontario, Canada. In the past, we featured products such as Red and White pine boards and pattern lumber and dimension lumber, focusing on the Midwest as our market. Over the years we added treated lumber, pallet lumber, treated timbers, fencing and fence boards and treated posts and poles.

Our Story

In 1985, I became President of Walton Lumber Company, succeeding my father, Ed Walton who had entered the wholesale lumber business in the late 1930s. He began working for the Dean Kuperus Lumber Co. by traveling to Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi to work in sawmills and flooring mills to learn about the products he would be selling. When I joined the company, I worked in sawmills in Ontario and Arizona, Oregon and Washington. Along the way, the company became Kuperus-Walton Lumber Co. and then finally Walton Lumber Co in 1969. I love the business and look forward to serving you.

Dave Walton