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About Us

Walton Lumber has been in business since 1932 spanning multiple generations. We are a wholesale lumber company selling lumber and wood products, mill direct in truckload quantities. Walton Lumber was one of the first companies to offer treated red pine posts and poles. We helped develop the science behind properly drying and treating red pine. We strive to provide you with a product that will last you many years. Your success is our goal.

In 2020 Wil Hochstetler purchased the company from Dave Walton. Wil brings with him 22 years of experience in the post manufacturing business. He loves working on his hobby farm on the side. Spending time with family and friends is a high priority. Fostering at-risk children is a way he and his family reach out to the local community, bringing hope into the lives of young children. Fishing is his top outdoor sport. Grilling homegrown steaks on the Green Egg grill is right there on the top of the list too.

Our Mission

Providing quality products in a timely fashion. Be a one-source stop for the fencing and trellis customer. Bring glory to God through excellent customer service and quality products.

What We Do

We love what we do here at Walton Lumber.

We are a wholesale lumber company selling lumber and wood products, mill direct in truckload quantities. We specialize in treated posts and poles, selling directly to orchards, vineyards, and hopyards in 24 states and Ontario, Canada. In the past, we feature products such as Red and White pine boards and pattern lumber and dimension lumber, focusing on the Midwest as our market. Over the years we added treated lumber, treated timbers, fencing, and fence boards, and treated posts, poles, and pilings. Lately, we have narrowed our focus down to fencing supplies and trellis posts. We are very excited about the PVC T post we have recently added to our line of products.

Walton Lumber Products

Tapered Posts

Red Pine and Southern Yellow Pine.

  • Orchard trellis posts
  • Vineyard posts
  • Farm fencing posts
  • Deer fencing posts

We carry sizes from 6 1/2' to 22' in length and in diameters ranging from 3" to 8".

Call us for your specific needs.

Perfect Posts

Available in 8', 10' and 12' lengths.


  • Hops poles
  • Pilings

Landscape Timber

Rough cut timbers treated to ground contact in various sizes and lengths.

Square Fence Posts

Rough cut red pine posts

  • 4x4 in 8’, 9’ and 10’
  • 5x5 in 8’ and 10’
  • 5 ½ x 5 ½ in 8’ and 10’

Privacy Fence

Kiln dried and MCA pressure treated, red pine, privacy fence boards

  • 5/8’’x 6
  • 5/8’’x 8’
  • 1 1/2’’ x 3 ½’’ x 8’ Backrail nailer

Board Fence

Board fence for horses and livestock. Create a beautiful, picturesque landscape with our fence boards.

  • 1"x6"x16' Oak fence boards
  • 1"x6"x16' Treated Pine fence boards
  • 1"x6"x16' Treated Poplar fence boards

PVC Products

We are a stocking dealer for Timeless Fence System PVC T post.

The Timeless PVC T posts are an excellent choice for beef, horse, sheep, and other high tensile wire farm fencing. The Timeless Fence System PVC T posts are easy to install. Since the Timeless posts are PVC there is no need for insulators. The post is the insulator! Simply thread the wire through the post. No maintenance!

Post Driver

The Montana Post Driver is just the thing you need to drive those posts into the ground. No digging or messing around with a pounder that is dangerous. This driver is safe, fast, and easy. Get a Montana Post Driver today for your farm.

We sell and rent out the Montana Post Driver. We stock the Montana Post Driver model 400E, MontanaPost Driver model 750R, Montana Post Driver model 1000E, model 1500E is available as well. These models are available in skid mount and in mini excavator mounts. They can be shipped with your load of posts or LTL.

Montana 750R Post Driver

Commercial Quality for Farmers & Ranchers

Our smallest post driver, the 750R Rancher enables farmers and ranchers to efficiently build their own fences using any medium-sized skid steer. It will drive pipe or a 6” post into almost any soil condition. The 750R may be our smallest model, but you get the same durability, low-maintenance, and quality as our larger models. Like all of our post drivers, it comes with a one year warranty.

  • Energy Class: 750 ft.-lb.
  • Weight of Post Driver with skid steer mount: 1380 lbs.
  • Min. Skid Steer Lifting Capacity: 1500 lbs.
  • Weight of Post Driver with excavator mount: 800 lbs.
  • Required Excavator Size: 8,000-14,000 lbs.
  • Oil Flow (GMP): 11-18 gpm
  • Working Pressure: 2000 PSI
  • Chisel Shaft Diameter: 2.7”
  • Blow Rate (Blows per min.): 500-900
  • Domed Cup Inside Diameter: 7” ID
  • Thickness of Steel Plate Frame: ¾”
  • Comes with: tool box, nitrogen charge kit and filled nitrogen bottle
  • 1 Year Warranty

Quote for Installation

Call us today for a quote on installing your fence. Whether its a whole farm or your backyard we do it all!

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